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Our Current In-Store Special Events and Sales

May 17th – 27th 2017

Stop in a SAVE on Bird Seed and Lawn and Garden items including;

SALE $16.99

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

40lb. Bag

regularly $18.99

SALE $24.99

Hentastic Mealworms

30oz. Bag

regularly $26.99

SALE $0.89

High Energy Suet Cakes

11oz. cake

regularly $1.20

SALE $5.99

Espoma Organic Garden-tone

4lb. Bag

regularly $7.99

SALE $29.99

Sunflower Kernels (shell-less)

20lb. Bag

regularly $32.99

SALE $7.99

Tomato & Veggie Spray

32oz. ready to use

regularly $9.99


SALE $8.99

Squirrel Stopper

15oz. ready to use

regularly $9.99

SALE $13.99

Audubon Park Wild Bird Food

40lb. Bag

regularly $15.99

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