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Maryland Certified Turf Type Tall Fescue Sod

We carry Maryland Certified Turf Type Tall Fescue sod. Tall Fescue is the best grass for our area. It is a full sun grass with light to moderate shade tolerance so will do well in most areas with 6+ hours of sun. It is a deep rooter so it holds up well to drought and traffic.

Ordering, Pricing & Dimensions

We cut sod year round (weather permitting). Sod is cut fresh daily Monday – Friday . Orders should be placed 24 hours in advance for weekday pick ups and 48 hours in advance for Saturday morning pick ups. To order call us at 301 384 6300.

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Zoysia Sod and Plugs

We also carry Zoysia sod and plugs in season (mid-May thru August). Zoysia is a specialty summer grass that requires full sun. Zoysia spreads so can be propagated with plugs, but it is slow to establish. Being a summer grass, it goes dormant and has a straw-brown color during winter. It grows very thick and once established it requires little water or herbicides. Contact us for availability.

Shaded Areas

Have a shaded area? True shade grasses are not found in sod form. If you have an area that gets less then 6 hours of sun you can use Tall Fescue for erosion control but it will not be a permanent solution. With less then 6 hours of sun it will thin out, at which time you could over seed with Fine Fescue seed.